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Sewickley Chiropractic Center

Dr. Jared Yevins has a reputation for excellence in his multi-disciplinary practice.

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Sewickley Chiropractor Offers Fast Pain Relief

Discover Vibrant Health at Sewickley Chiropractic Center

Along with his dedicated staff, Sewickley Chiropractor Dr. Jared Yevins offers pain relief and wellness optimization for the entire family. He also features state-of-the-art personal injury and medical treatment for those injured in automobile accidents or on the job.

Sewickley Chiropractic Center is proud to offer comfortable chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, spinal decompression and physical therapy modalities in a warm and friendly healing environment. Our goal is achieve maximum medical improvement and get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Our Commitment to Helping You

We have a high rate of success in helping patients to feel better within a very short time frame, and we do this with the aid of several adjunctive on-site therapies, including electrical stimulation, intersegmental traction and highly soothing professional massage. Our intention is to give you the results that you want and need.

In addition, Dr. Yevins also holds certification as a medical legal specialist. This credential allows him expert capability in assessing injury and analyzing data, including car crash dynamics, spinal biomechanical engineering, and MRI interpretation. His expertise in this field has earned him the confidence of the many injured patients under his care, and the respect of trial attorneys not only in Sewickley, but throughout Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

We Take the Time to Care and Listen

You’ll find our award-winning office to be a welcoming and caring place where personal relationships have the chance to flourish. We like to keep things casual and comfortable, and find it wonderful to see our patients enjoy themselves while they heal.

Because we listen carefully to your concerns, we can also promise to never treat an injury or condition that is outside of our scope of practice. We have cultivated good relationships with other professionals in the medical community, and promise to always get you to the place where you can receive the most help.

Book Your Time Today

We would like to invite you to come in for a free consultation for an opportunity to talk about your problem with a chiropractor Sewickley. We offer same-day appointments and late hours, and accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Contact us today!